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    Wedding Make-up

    It is always a privilege to beautify brides on their special day. This album contains photographs of the brides Anrie had the opportunity to makeup on their wedding day. Thank you to all the brides for allowing us to share your photographs on our website.

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    Biosculpture Gel Nails & Nail Art

    Vivacious exclusively uses Bio Sculpture Gel. The permanent colour gel leaves you with strong and flexible nails that will not chip or damage; lasting for up to three weeks. It is a healthy nail system that protects and strengthens the natural nail whilst allowing them to grow without breaking. Bio Sculpture Sculpting Gel was developed, as a flexible and durable gel that could create a natural looking extension. In this album we share some of the nails sculpted by Vivacious. Thanks for the photographs ladies!

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    In this album we would like to share photographs of all the other (already) beautiful ladies we had the privilege of “Vivaciou-fy-ing”. Photographs provided by the individuals photographed; thank you ladies!

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    Mev Styl Bloemfontein 2013™

    Anrie Small @ Vivacious, proud winner of the Glam Squad Makeup Category @ Mev Styl Bloemfontein 2013™

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